El Gancho Digital newspaper on a variety of topics. Bright and easy to navegate about

http://www.fluencyprof.com/free-spanish-audio.html Listening activities on a variety of topics with gapfill exercises etc

http://quizlet.com/subject/spanish/ Great site for learning and practising vocabulary and verbs through a variety of games and flashcards

http://www.audiria.com/index.php Superb website with a vast range of podcasts on many different topics with self-correcting exercises. Easy to navigate, specific link for listening is http://www.audiria.com/randomTest.php?t=AU

http://www.spaleon.com/index.php?js=1&w=1280&h=800&fv=10 Verb and tense practice - self-correcting

http://www.reverbspanish.com/ Spanish verb drills and podcasts on grammar

http://www.spanishnewsbites.com/spanish_newsbites/beginner_level/ Excellent listening activities with blankfill exercise, transcript and translator tool

YABLA VIDEOS Videos - listen with Spanish and English displayed below as you choose, then do the listening activity by selecting 'Play game'

http://www.languagesonline.org.uk Caminos 2 and 3 plus topics, grammar and games

http://www.linguastars.com Requires username and password - available from your language teacher


http://www.asisehace.net/?cat=4 Listening activities and vodcasts

http://oye.languageskills.co.uk/index.html Different games and activities for different levels

http://www.lingolex.com/spanish.htm Site with many different areas of vocabulary and grammar

http://www.ashcombe.surrey.sch.uk/Curriculum/modlang/spanish/index_sp.htm Various activities including video listening activities

http://www.quiz-buddy.com/ Spanish_Phrases_with_Audio.html Some good role play vocabulary

http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/ Range of levels



http://www.digitaldialects.com/Spanish.htm Interactive games on vocab and grammar

http://www.didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk/depts/mfl/sp11/clickhere.htm Exam practice


Spanish visual dictionary

http://www.verbuga.eu/Esmi/Esmi.html Choose your verb(s) and your tense(s) then practise, practise, practise!