http://www.practicaespanol.com/ Brilliant new site with activities for listening and reading on a range of topics + grammar

http://cvc.cervantes.es/ensenanza/actividades_ave/aveteca.htm Aveteca (Actividades del Aula Virtual de EspaƱol) has a series of exercises based on grammar and topics. Self checking

El Gancho Digital newspaper, manageable level

http://rtve.es Search for '4 minutos' within the site and then listen and try to pick out the main stories

http://www.audiria.com/ Listening practice with transcripts

http://www.laits.utexas.edu/spe/ Video listening practice with transcripts

http://web.mac.com/sanferminuk/Advanced_Level_Listening/Spanish/Spanish.html Listening exercises with exercises in pdf format

http://zachary-jones.com/spanish/ Superb blog with articles and exercises to accompany them, as well as songs and videos

http://www.elpais.com/audios/ Excellent short audio bites on up-to-the-minute topics, literally on the day they happen

http://www.rtve.es/mediateca/videos/ Videos and audio on up-to-the minute topics

http://www.abc.es/ Spanish news site

http://www.elmundoenrosa.com/ Gossip pages in Spanish

http://www.spanishnewsbites.com/spanish_newsbites/advanced_level/ Excellent listening activities with blankfill exercise, transcript and translator tool

http://feeds.feedburner.com/SlowSpainPodcast Excellent listening activiites (with transcript available)

http://www.asisehace.net/?cat=4 Listening activities and vodcasts


http://www.spanishrevision.co.uk/a_level/reading/reading_index.htm Great reading exercises

http://www.spanishrevision.co.uk/a_level/listening/listening_index.htm Lots of different types of listening exercises on good A level topics

http://www.spanishrevision.co.uk/a_level/graphics/index.htm Illustrative graphics on a variety of A level topics


http://www.elmundo.es Spanish newspaper online

http://www.freeetv.com/modules.php?name=Video_Stream&page=watch&id=2211&d=2 Euronews in Spanish

http://www.spanish-only.com/ Word of the day can be hepful, particularly as it gives examples

http://oye.languageskills.co.uk/index.html Different activities for different levels

http://www.colby.edu/personal/b/bknelson/SLC/ Grammar exercises

Trinity grammar pages Grammar exercises

http://www.jimmyp.me.uk/page3.html Excellent grammar notes

http://www.languagesresources.co.uk/ Great resources for different levels, including reading comprehension practice, and literature notes and worksheets

http://servicios.ideal.es/videos/# Brilliant videos on a huge range of topics. Try summarising what they say, for practice

http://www.20minutos.es/ Accessible reading and video clips

http://sacodeyl.inf.um.es/sacodeyl-search2/ Select Spanish Corpus for series of videos of Spaniards talking about different topics

http://www.aulaintercultural.org/ Intercultural education, useful for A2 topics

Punto y coma Listening and reading online

http://zachary-jones.com/spanish/ Lots of really interesting activities and posts - check out the selections in the side bar

http://zachary-jones.com/spanish/unidades-didacticas/comparativos Comparative exercises

http://www.verbuga.eu/Esmi/Esmi.html Choose your verb(s) and your tense(s) then practise, practise, practise

http://formespa.rediris.es/canciones/ Songs and exercises



http://www.fluencyprof.com/free-spanish-audio.html Good basic listening practice with blankfills etc